Why practise Yoga?

Quite simply to feel fitter, more energetic, happier and peaceful.

Yoga is now widely recognised as being one of the most effective and safe disciplines for developing both physical health and mental clarity. Regular practice develops strength, tone, flexibility, balance and increased co-ordination. Stiff joints become more flexible, internal organs become more efficient, bodily systems and postural alignment come back into balance. Breathing exercises assist us to breathe well, in a far more efficient way than most of us currently do. These together with meditation techniques, or simply the act of moving with the breath, encourage the mind to become focused and calm.

Which class is right for me?

There are many different styles of yoga being taught and practised today and it is a question of finding the one appropriate for you. You may be drawn to a more dynamic practice such as Ashtanga or Vinyasa Flow Yoga, or you may prefer the slower paced, more gentle style of a Hatha class. Yin Yoga is growing in popularity, a style which uses long-held relaxed postures to stretch and stimulate deep connective tissue. If you are completely new to Yoga you may benefit from joining a beginners class which would provide a good introduction to the basic poses, breathing and meditation techniques. Most teachers also offer 1:1 tuition which is a highly beneficial way to learn, as sessions are specifically tailored to your needs.

Take a look at the CLASSES page where you will find full descriptions of the Yoga styles taught here at The Boiler House, together with class times and teacher contact details.

What do I need for a yoga class?

Wear comfortable, non restrictive clothing.

A water bottle (water is also available at the studio.)

A Yoga mat (mats are available for use but most students prefer to use their own.)

Props such as blocks, blankets and belts will be available in class if needed.

A small towel may be useful (especially for more dynamic classes.)

Most importantly bring yourself with an open mind to new experiences!